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Choosing a Domain Name  //  How to choose your domain name

Ideas, SEO, Website Design | Comments Off on Choosing a Domain Name
Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be as important as choosing a business name.  Firstly let’s understand what a domain name actually is and why you need it.

To have a website on the internet you need 2 things 1. A domain name (eg. and 2. Website hosting (space on the internet to put your site – which we at Elysium Studios can help you out with).

You can purchase domain names through many companies on the internet – we would suggest Crazy Domains as their prices are normally very competitive and they have access to the new domain names (TLD’s – I will talk about these in a new post).  Getting access to Crazy Domains will allow you to check name availability – this is important because many many names have already been purchased and used.  Some tips to help you choose your domain name:

  • Do not go overboard or use words that are hard to spell or can be misinterpreted – strangely I chose my business name first and even needs to be spelt out to people so they do not get the website address wrong.
  • Try choosing a domain name that represents what people may search for in Google – eg if you own a sandwich shop in Brisbane … try – this may help your Google rankings.
  • You can buy many domain names and add them onto your website – remember though that this is a yearly purchase.
  • Certain domain names are both location specific and business specific requiring your ABN/ACN number to purchase them.  For example .au domain names.

Making yourself a Crazy Domains account and purchasing your own domain names means that you have full control over them and that you get the renewal email every year.

If you have any trouble doing this please give us a call at Elysium Studios and we can help you out.